The Building of SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt is a game that gives you the power of mayor over the city. The city is to be build by you, with the materials that are manufactured by you. The people who live in your city will be fondly called as the Sims and keeping them happy is the ultimate purpose of the game and as the mayor, you will work towards doing just that. At the initiation of the game, you will be given a piece of land which you will use to build your city. You can further upgrade the building that you have built in order to attract a larger crowd of people into your city.

Different Zones

You will be able to build houses for your people in residential areas and provide them with their everyday essentials such as a garbage facility, water facility, police station, bus stand, and much more. Industries and factories can be found in the industrial zone. This is also the place where you will find more toxic waste and you will need to provide a safe outlet for the industries to dump their waste. This is one of the reasons why it is best to place the industrial zone in a far away land from the residential zone.

Connecting Residential and Commercial zones


When building, you should keep in mind that the Sims like to shop and go out of their home. Hence the commercial zone which comprises of the shopping areas and market should be located within reach from the residential zone and a clear dedicated route should be provided, connecting the residential zone with the commercial zone. During peak hours, it will be difficult to travel along these routes and providing a clear path will ensure that your Sims are happy with the way you are building.


When the houses grow old, so will the services. Hence, you can upgrade the existing houses to transform them into the latest version. This way you could also earn a better income by raising their rents and the happy Sims will be glad to pay higher tax. This is the good thing about the game. If the Sims are happy with what is happening it will reflect in the tax. When building homes, you could also work towards attending to the needs of the Sims when something goes wrong.

If you feel like the pace is too slow for you, you could also use simcity buildit hack apk which will give you a way to earn good money and cope with the game. In the beginning of the game, you will be able to see that there are many easy methods of earning coins. But as you proceed further, these opportunities will not be as often as before and you will find it difficult to earn coins. Moreover, the manufacturing time for materials will also increase substantially and will come in the way of you entering the next level. Hence you should plan your moves properly and execute them to sustain in the game.

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